CaronaeMuseumI was born to two doctors in a tiny little town way up North in Michigan the week that the Berlin Wall fell. The night that my mother brought me home from the hospital, my older sister proposed to build an outdoor ash-tree nest for me to sleep in.

I am a writer and soon-to-be medical student living and working in New York City. Currently, I work in Clinical Research, screening and enrolling patients in digital health studies. I have expertise in mobile health interventions, and I cannot wait to start medical school this coming fall: I always wanted to be a writer, but I believe that the most salient art is informed by the other parts of life– the routines, adventures, and connections that make up the fabric of each day. I never wanted to be only a writer.

I try to find amazement in small things: watching my coffee lighten as the barista pours in milk; Saturday afternoons in Morningside Park, with the herons and the turtles; the peculiar angles of certain windows.

I recently completed my first novel, book one of a young adult series focused on a ten-year old girl from Northern Michigan who discovers that she is distantly related to a bevy of mermaids. It is a coming-of-age story that deploys the power of imagined worlds to engage our hearts and minds. I am in the process of seeking an agent.



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